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“The Good Life” is all about enjoying life’s little pleasures.  If you’re into the Cigar lifestyle, then this is the show for you!

"Cigars are best shared, like most of life's experiences. I have made good friends, shared stories, and told tall tales, all while enjoying "The Good Life", or La Buena Vida. I invite you to listen to our shows, leave a comment, and share your stories of celebration, friendship, and what The Good Life means to you."

Meet your Host

Chuck has a passion for cigars, but his interests don’t stop there!  Chuck is an award winning author of “Demystifying Cryptocurrency”, and a Prolific Podcaster of over 18 years! 
Click below to learn more about your host – Army Veteran, Tech expert, Radio Broadcaster, and Author – Chuck Palm

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Have you ever wanted to start a podcast, but were not sure how to even get started?  What would you talk about?  How would you select your show topics? Most importantly, how do you get listeners? Now there is a way you can unlock your brain’s creative center, and produce the kind of content that get’s listeners, and is PROVEN more effective at keeping their attention!

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